Corporate Sustainability

Brand and Corporate Responsibility

More consumers are starting to focus on the importance of companies responsible business practices.  

  • Do they strongly support economic development?
  • Are they, good Employers?
  • Do they stand up for important social justice issues?
  • Do they invest in causes in my community and around the globe?
  • Do they operate in a way that protects the benefits f society and the environment?
  • Do they create products, services, or programs to ensure the well-being of myself and my family?

Beyond traditional issues, there's the importance of companies social justice practices.

People feel businesses need to be more helpful in solving these critical concerns. Where does a companies responsibility start and end? The bar is getting higher as consumers are looking at corporations to step up advocate for some of these issues.Now, not only do Americans expect companies to be leaders in standing up for the complex and often divisive topic, but they are willing to boycott companies with different views from theirs.

Here are some issues to be addressed;

  • Domestic Job Growth
  • Women's Rights
  • Racial Equality 
  • Climate Change
  • Immigration 
  • LGBTQ rights 
  • Gun Control
  • Cost of Higher Education 

Companies will need to go beyond the superficial message of support. Consumers want to know that the companies walking the talk on the issues they are advocating for. Companies must focus inward and look at their values, beliefs, and business practices to determine what issues they can genuinely advocate for. 

Consumers are taking their social consciousness online with their purchasing decisions using their keyboards as a force of change. The top way consumers say they would support social or environmental issues is by purchasing a product from a social conscious retailer. (80%) They are also liking, following, and engaging with more conscious brands. 


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