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Feeling Crappy? Natural Remedies for Cold Seasons


Coming down with a cold is never fun, regardless of the virus, neither is taking medication. That’s why I compliled a small list of healthier remedies that don’t put so much strain on the body allowing the immune system to heal quicker. 


1. Ginger Tea with Honey + Lemon



This is my favorite remedy, my number 1 remedy. Boil the water with the chopped up ginger pices already in, makes a nice ginger water. You can also add Oregano oil  and Cayenne Pepper to improve this remedy. Ginger contains numerous other anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds beneficial to health such as gingerols, beta-carotene, capsaicin, caffeic acid, curcumin and salicylate. The added bonus of honey and lemon both improves the flavor and adds more immune-boosting goodness.


The Powers of Ginger


2. Oregano Oil



This one is different, and not so popular. It’s one worth having around the house. It’s best used as soon as you notice any symptoms to improve your immune system, sometimes, that cold won’t even develop at all. I personally only use it internally when I’m not feeling well, it should be diluted with water or mixed with coconut oil.  The one I use is this Plant Therapy Oregano (Origanum) Essential Oil, but you can also find it at your local health store. The dried herb oregano is typically fine for pregnant women but when using oil of oregano pregnant women should use caution and only use if instructed by a physician to do so.


Oregano Oil Powers


3. Astragulus



Astragalus is a Chinese herb that’s been used for centuries to strengthen the body’s internal systems, it specifically can help with colds and upper respiratory infections. 

Astragalus is available in a variety of forms at drugstores and natural food stores, coming in drops, ground into spice, and tablets — be sure to follow the dosage recommended on the bottle. The root (which can be boiled in tea and soup) may also be available in Chinese grocery stores, and might be combined with other plants like ligustrum and ginseng. I suggest taking it with a full glass of water, and drinking increased liquids while using the herb.


I’m currently using all three types. 

TablesNature’s Way Astragalus Root, 470 mg, 180 Vcaps

Liquid: Herb Pharm Certified Organic Astragalus Extract


4. Bee Pollen



Taking half a teaspoon of bee pollen with some warm water as soon as you wake up every morning will not only give your immune system a serious boost, but will also raise your energy levels. After taking it for just a few days, you’ll wake up with an unexpected spring in your step in the morning.


When it comes to supplements, natural doesn’t always mean safe.  Experts are warning that taking natural bee pollen supplements may come with the risk of suffering a serious allergic reaction, including life-threatening anaphylactic shock.It’s important to know how allergic you are to bees. 


If you’re looking to try this out I can recommend GREENBOW Organic Bee Pollen, its USDA certified organic.


Powers of Bee pollen