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Living Sustainable – Team Doin’ Too Much (MockTrialsandTribulations)


I highlighted this podcast because I just found out about it today. I listened and loved it. Then she said a line that made me want to share this with my community. 


She said, “I am the self-proclaimed captain of “doing too much”. I completely understood where she was coming from. As a Virgo, I overthink far beyond what I am able to accomplish. Just being a female alone harnessing my inner goddess can throw me off track if I’m not aware of balance. As women, we try to split our interests, I’ve tried to create many brands as well. I’ll start a bunch of projects and never finish, or see any of them through. 


She said, “I’ve basically become a Jane of all Trades and master of none, and none of this is Sustainable.”


I thought this was an interesting take on the struggles of living sustainable. Living Sustainable is not just about the earth and environment, but about the longevity of all life on earth.


Listen to Episode 16 below and look out for other episodes. SoundCloud: MockTrialsandTribulations