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Met Gala 2017 Favorites “ReiKawakubo”

I really pay attention to this event in hopes that my favorite celebrity will opt for something ethical, sustainable, or repurposed. After searching all night I haven’t found anyone yet, hopefully, some ethical designers will unveil their design this week. 


Did you catch what Gisele Bündchen wore? She walked the carpet at the in a bespoke gown for the crafted from organic silk and glass-bead by Stella McCartney (made entirely out of sustainable materials)

Livia Firth of GCC-EcoAge‘s  gown at the  was made from leaves?

Talk about eco fashion at it’s shiniest. 

Future WINS for being both on theme and sustainable 

Future getting help with the bow tie for his organic silk shirt. Bobby Wesley Williams, his stylist, right, persuaded him to wear an H&M suit.

Future rocked a made-to-measure look by Swedish H&M for the 71st annual Met Gala.

“We wanted to pay tribute to [Rei] Kawakubo in our own way, by focusing on themes that are always present in her work,” says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, who serves as H&M’s head of design. The duo had a series of “amazing” creative talks about possible fabric options, custom design possibilities and played with the themes present in Comme des Garçons collections while staying true to Future’s personal style, to develop his eye-catching red carpet outfit.”

His look was of classic updated tailcoat. The outfit is made with a blend of wool and the sustainable materials of organic silk and Tencel. By embellishing the back with a hand-embroidered black skull and a red Swarovski crystal heart, showcases a bit of his style with an inspired Rei look, on his tall slip frame.

Vevers and Young were the ones to create and style Selena Gomez for the Met Gala. They went for an effortless and easy look, focusing on Selena’s elements and what she loves. They worked together to create an elegantly detailed dress the two used vintage lace found around New York City, making this dress sustainable and ethical. The beading elements to the piece perfectly mimic Coach’s prints, while also playing up the nostalgic vintage inspired looks from the 30’s.

I did enjoy Liu Wen’s outfit that looked like it was made of recycled denim.

For now, here are my favorite picks of the rockstars who stuck with the theme. 

My favorite “Comme des Garçon”

Helen Lasichanh


Sofia Sanchez

Other Theme like styles 

Solange Knowles in Thom Browne

Zendaya in Dolce and Gabbana