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URBAN-X & Smart Cities Startup Celebration- May 4

Where: 29 Norman Ave, Brooklyn

When: 6 – 11 PM                      

Please join URBAN-X on Thursday, May 4th as we celebrate the culmination of our second program. The evening will include a public startup showcase hosted at A/D/O, in tandem with the first Smart Cities NYC Conference. In the spirit of inclusiveness that defines the Smart Cities landscape, we’ll be inviting eight other companies from the broader smart cities startup ecosystem to present their concepts and products. And we’ll celebrate their journey with great music, good friends, and food and drinks from our culinary partners at Norman.

The eight URBAN-X companies participating are:

  • Envairo offers machine learning software that analyzes data from a building’s existing HVAC automation system to determine room occupancy in real-time — with no need to install new sensors.
  • Citiesense creates data-driven maps and dashboards that layer information about new permits, recent sales and property changes in urban areas, guiding real estate investors and other local stakeholders to smarter development decisions.
  • contextere is an Industrial IoT software company enabling the connected workforce. Its team is developing an intelligent personal agent that delivers actionable insights at the point of service, to make every worker more skilled, reduce human error and save lives.
  • O2-O2 allows active urbanites in polluted megacities like Beijing and London to reclaim their outdoor lifestyles and commute and exercise without fear of pollution. O2-O2’s face wear uses advanced nano-fiber technology to clean and filter air, protecting the user while providing unparalleled comfort, performance, and style.
  • REVMAX develops fleet management and routing software for ride-hail vehicles. Their technology maximizes vehicle utilization by proactively forecasting rider demand based on historical data and future events.
  • Sencity is reimagining connected urban street furniture, starting with one of our most pressing concerns: waste. Their TetraBIN product is an interactive receptacle that brings delightful surprise and reward to the simple act of trash disposal, leveraging interaction into an effective behavior shift.
  • Upcycles develops unique human-electric cargo tricycles for moving goods around urban environments, up to and including the last mile. While delivery technology edges towards automation, Upcycles represents a socially responsible, transitional step that is reliable and efficient.
  • WearWorks is a New York-based haptics design company whose product augments the senses of blind and visually impaired users, using sensory feedback systems to communicate information about the world around them entirely via touch.

The eight Smart Cities startups participating are:

  • AppSpots uses free public WiFi to help engage visitors and promote local businesses, responding to a visitor’s physical context and delivering a personalized experience in the user’s web browser without the need to download any apps. Its location services and analytics provide tools to develop smarter spaces, turning public WiFi infrastructure into a platform for supporting open innovation.
  • Benefit Kitchen is an award-winning, mobile-first software solution that allows families to screen themselves for up to 18 federal, state, and local benefits (such as healthcare, food, and tax credits) in minutes on their phone or computer. Benefit Kitchen gives those who serve working families the ability to create healthier and more financially secure communities.
  • Cityflag is an interactive social network for 311 services that transforms the way citizens and governments collaborate to improve cities and strengthen communities, contribute to social welfare, and build a more inclusive and transparent government.
  • Cabture develops and sells various media solutions in and on taxis. Cabture is an interactive tablet for passengers, giving them a comfortable, safe and entertaining taxi experience while targeting advertising campaigns, with a share of the revenue distributed to taxi drivers.
  • Farmshelf is a bookshelf-sized system and app that makes it possible for anyone to grow high-quality food year round. Remotely optimized using advanced Iot and hydroponic technology, Farmshelf is built to grow sustainable, great tasting and substantial amounts of produce right in restaurants, homes and shared spaces.
  • PowerMarket delivers community solar, with the economic and environmental benefits of rooftop solar, without installing panels on your home. Building a large solar system in your area, ThePowerMarket uses software to coordinate the project and deliver the benefits of clean, locally produced power to neighborhood homes and businesses.
  • Re-Nuble aims to create completely sustainable, closed loop food and plant production systems, using proprietary technology to convert food waste. Their capital light process transforms vegetative food waste into non-toxic, liquid hydroponic nutrients that help boost hydroponic yields at a fraction of the cost of chemically based alternatives.

This event is part of Smart Cities NYC ’17: Powered by People, May 3-6 (smartcitiesnyc.com), the first of its kind conference + expo to focus on the importance of citizen participation in urban and civic innovation. 

RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/urban-x-smart-cities-startup-celebration-tickets-32699993561