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Be Mindful of Nylon Stockings (Pros and Cons)

In the winter seasons, stockings are quite popular to keep warm under a dress, skirt, or pants. I prefer my stockings have more organic material in them. But they aren’t as stretch and form fitting as synthetic fibers. So synthetic is usually the popular option. There are pros and cons for wearing these popular leg accessories. I also cover Nylon in, “5 Popular Synthetic Fibers

Pros of wearing nylon panthose

Prevent Ankle Swelling 

Relief of Vericose Veins 

Conceal Cellulite 


Cons of wearing nylon pantyhose  

Nylons Can Contribute to Skin Rashes

Nylon stocking can exacerbate skin rashes, especially for people who are allergic to latex. Mixed blend panty holes tend to have latex within the fibers. Your best bet is to find pantyhose made from 100% cotton if you are are sctratching more when you wear Nylon.

Try to avoid Nylon pantyhose when it’s warm out. Sweat has a way of irritating skin further especially when trapped under Nylon.height=”20px”]

Stockings Can Cause Calluses

Stockings pressed against shoes that are too small can cause trouble. Calluses are the result of a buildup of tissue that forms when your foot tries to protect itself from extra pressure or friction.

Pantyhose can directly contribute to callus-causing friction due to the rubbing of the synthetic material on your skin. Make sure your shoes, especially heels fit you properly.

Stockings Can Contribute to Yeast Infections

If you’re prone to UTI’s and yeast infections, stay the heck away from nylon stocking. The synthetic material isn’t well ventilated, and assists in trapping moisture and warmth. The same environment bacteria and yeast thrive in.

If you must wear them for work, but the type with a cotton crotch and definitely wear cotton underwear under. thigh high’s are an alternative to this problem, if and only if you don’t have a problem with keeping them up.

Pantyhose Can Exacerbate Athlete’s Foot

Just like you can get fungus on other parts of your body from stockings, you can get fungus on your feet. Pantyhose aren’t breathable and can increase foot sweating, which can make you more prone to a fungal infection like athlete’s foot. Fungus loves warmth and sweat, so if you have sweaty feet stick with cotton alternatives.

Another option is to rub some antiperspirant or baby powder on your feet before slipping into your stockings.