Kenya 2015



In 2015, Edge of Seven is excited to announce that we will break ground on the Naro Moru Women’s Resource Center in rural Kenya. We’re excited to invite you to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime volunteer experience!

On this trip, volunteers will work side-by-side community members in Naro Moru, Kenya to construct a resource and technology center for women. This center will be accessed by members of the Naro Moru Women’s Group, as well as local NGOs working with individuals affected by HIV/AIDS, orphans, and microfinance lenders.

The goal of the center is to deliver technology education, business development education, and vocational workshops to women’s groups and NGOs, as well as serve as a commerce center for the women to launch handicrafts businesses.

Actual Women’s Center in Naro Maru

Volunteers will work alongside local women at the project site in Naro Moru, as well as explore surrounding nature parks at the foot of Mt. Kenya. This is a great opportunity to

  • Learn more about the issues affecting women in the developing world;
  • Give something back to individuals and communities struck by poverty;
  • Travel to rural Kenya and explore a new culture, cuisine, terrain, and way of life;
  • Help with the physical construction of a resource center.

As of January 2016, the group is finishing the Women’s Resource Center to support their group. This larger project is further proof that they are making great strides in their ability to plan, execute and report on the work that they are doing for their own community.

Last year I helped the community install a water system at a local school. Because most students don’t get meals during the school day, the water system was to be used to set up gardens to make its lunch program self-sustainable.

While at the school I noticed so many other important learning resources missing from the classrooms. Not only did students lack basic supplies to help them learn but, some didn’t have shoes to wear, and lunch or a snack.

My goal, raising $4,000 to cover all the costs associated with my trip, which include:

  • Eo7 program/lodging/meal/transportation fees ($2,000)
  • RT airfare ($1,200)
  • Supplies with transportation (check bag fees) ($1,000)


The Honest Truth

Before traveling to some of these countries, I didn’t see the importance of physically bringing items there. I thought if I sent in my donations everything would be fine, and didn’t have anything to worry about. Little did I know that majority of the funds and donations we send barely gets to these people, they get intercepted, by government, rebels and crooked people.

Whether at the airport or the post office, either way most supplies do not make it to the intended people in need. They end up being sold to the people in need by their own people who stole it from them.

Imagine this, You sent your old Jordans in a donation bag hoping they helped a person who had no shoes. Then you go visit the country and find that your unwashed Jordans are in fact for sale to the highest bidder. I’m almost sure, that’s NOT why you donated your items.

My first time to Kenya I couldn’t figure out why everyone had extra bags filled with clothing and supplies, well I understand now. The urgency is that I need to get as much as I can on that plane with me. I can’t guarantee, getting supplies to these people safely any other way.

  • Share our Rally with family & friends
  • Donate school supplies to the village
  • Look out for updates on our in-person events

Please contact with any questions or inquiries.

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I preferred to purchase school supplies while in Kenya, so the money stayed in Kenya. Thanks to Brian Allonce for his support on funding this initiative. 


These were donations from Project Hygeine

A very SPECIAL thanks to Project Hygeine for their donations.