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Reusable -vs- Disposable Nursing Pads

Nursing is such an intimate activity and healthy activity, but it’s more than just providing your baby with nourishment. It also involves cuddling and bonding with your baby. In my opinion, breastfeeding is equally as rewarding for the mom and baby, but others may disagree as it does come with sore nipples and leaking breast.

Nursing pads can help prevent embarrassing milk leaks from soaking through your clothes. They are available in both disposable or reusable options.

Which are the best option for you? Let’s talk about disposable nursing pads vs. reusable nursing pads.

Disposable nursing pads

Disposable nursing pads are made of a thin absorbent material that comes in different thicknesses similar to sanitary napkins. They usually come in a count of 50 to 216 when you pick up a box. They usually have sticky backs to adhere to your bra, which can impede breathability, they cause poor air circulation. When they get wet, it’s time for a new one.

Disposable nursing pads, contain absorbent chemicals that you put directly on your skin. Due to poor circulation allowance, they can lead to discomfort and trapped moisture. Breast infections thrive in moist environments because bacteria love warm and moist. If you’re leakier than normal, using disposable pads can not only become inconvenient but also expensive.

Reusable nursing pads

Reusable nursing pads are similar to disposable but healthier, and more breathable. Because they are made of natural fibers, cloth nursing pads provide better air circulation, which is necessary to aid in the sore nipple healing process. Rather than disposing of these, you simply wash and dry, even with your babies clothes. I recommend keeping them in a delicates sack, so you don’t loose them. 

Not only will you be saving the environment by reusing your pads, you will be saving your skin, and saving money. Washable nursing pads are much more economical. If you have more children in the future, you already have the nursing pads; they are designed to last.

Some women tend to wear both, as they do with baby diapers. Some prefer disposables, while out on the go, and reusables while in the house or close to home. Let’s face it if you’re a leaky mom, it can be embarrassing to be talking to friends while leaking through your shirt. Disposables can be more reliable in that sense.