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See What’s In Your Deodorant

After a trip to Africa, I discovered something interesting. It’s common for people in Africa to not use deodorant. Deodorant is more of a chemical luxury, meant to guard you against the smell of the breakdown of the bacteria caught in your pits from perspiration. If you keep your underarms clean and control your hair growth your “pits” shouldn’t have much of a smell.

Let’s look at the list of chemical ingredients in an average deodorant:

  • Aluminum Compounds.
  • Parabens
  • Steareths
  • Triclosan
  • Propylene Glycol
  • TEA and DEA
  • Artificial Colors

Aluminum is the ingredient in antiperspirants that clogs your pores and prevents sweating. People are exposed to aluminum in some cosmetics, antiperspirants, and pharmaceuticals such as antacids and buffered aspirin. When it enters the body it accumulates in the liver, brains, lungs, kidneys, and thyroid where it competes with calcium for absorption and can affect skeletal mineralization. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s and estrogen hormonal imbalance.

Parabens are preservatives for beauty products and pharmaceuticals. They are used to preserve products so they have a shelf life of many years. As you may not know all things eventually expire. The more preservatives you put in something, the longer it takes. But the less effective it is holistically. Parabens are said to mimic the hormone estrogen, which would leave anyone with a hormonal imbalance. The biggest concerns from parabens are endocrine destruction, reproductive toxicity, and its association with prostate and breast cancer. 

Parabens can be found in most common beauty products such as;

Soaps, shampoos, hair conditioners, dyes, lotion, shaving cream, waxes, household cleaning products, ointments, eyeliners, mascara, eye shadows, blush, makeup, foundation, sunscreen, and fragrance.

Steareths is a synthetic polymer. It isn’t as bad as the other ingredients, it basically weakens harsh chemicals while simultaneously producing carcinogens and dioxanes. Steareths is found most often in eye creams, anti-aging skin care products, and moisturizers, but has been used to a lesser degree in many other forms of cosmetics.

Triclosan is a pesticide according to the FDA. It kills bacteria during the manufacturing process as well as the bacteria on your skin, which is the main cause of odor. The carcinogenic gas, chloroform is made when Triclosan is combined with water.

This ingredient can be found in hundreds of consumer products ranging from antibacterial soaps, deodorants, toothpaste, cosmetics, fabrics, toys, and other household and personal care products. 

Here’s a full list of brands that use: Triclosan

If used every day, Propylene Glycol can cause damage to your heart, liver, and central nervous system. It is a popular skin irritant, especially if you are sensitive. Propylene glycol can be harmful at as small a percentage as 2%, yet deodorants generally have a high dose of 50%.

Surprisingly this ingredient can be found in antifreeze and some processed foods, what crazy extremes. You can also find it in many medications, and electronic cigarettes.

Triethanolamine (TEA) and diethanolamine (DEA) are chemicals that seep into your skin through pores, enter the blood stream, and directly affect the kidneys and liver.

In conclusion, the point here is to read and know what ingredients are being used in your products. Don’t just look at the marketing that says, clean, fresh, or natural. In some way some of these toxic chemicals are natural. But not natural for your body. So the only preventative measure is knowing, and being familiar with these terms.

This article is written a source of information. I encourage you to read more about the topic as everyone is different. Everyone’s body and immune system respond to chemicals and toxins differently. What may cause a disease in one person may not cause a disease in another. You can’t avoid everything you’re exposed to, as always the best solution is to detox.

Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. – Bennington, NH Company Highlight

Another Brand to make an appearance at Sustainable Brands was this cool paper company from New Hampshire. Monadnock is a family owned an operated business with nearly 200 years in papermaking. They provide a diverse range of paper products including technical/specialty papers, premium printing, and packaging papers and melt blown non-woven media for leading brands worldwide.

With a passion for the environment and ingenuity, Monadnock is turning ideas into reality.

Across all levels of our organization, we believe there’s a lot to be said for doing the right thing — simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Socially and environmentally responsible investments in technology, processes, and products will deliver value to our customers and our community.

Monadnock Sustainability Commitment –


We’re proud to be Forest Stewardship Council certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

All of our products are manufactured carbon neutral (VERs) using Green-e certified 100% renewable electricity (RECs). Monadnock is an EPA Green Power Partner, EPA Wastewise Partner, and EPA SmartWay Transport Partner.

You can tell a lot about a company by the company it keeps.  We have been recognized by leading environmental organizations including the Sierra Club, The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests and have earned the Governors Award for Pollution Prevention as well as the Cornerstone Award from New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility for our environmental efforts.

But awards and recognition aren’t why we do it. We do it because we live here. We do it because we raise our families here. And we do it because we would like to leave our beautiful area of New Hampshire as pristine as we found it nearly two centuries ago.


Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. is committed to responsible stewardship of the environment by:

  • Promoting environmental awareness among our customers, suppliers, converters, employees and local residents.
  • Providing environmentally sustainable products and services to our customers.
  • Maintaining our record of compliance with environmental regulations and standards.
  • Continuing to invest in research to determine innovative ways to reduce waste and to efficiently use natural resources.
  • Choosing materials with minimal environmental impacts during the design and development of new products.
  • Encouraging legislators and state officials to develop sound environmental policies and regulations.
  • Senior management is committed to continual improvement in pollution prevention and in reducing environmental impacts identified in our 14001 Environmental Management System

Ramblers Way – Kennebunk, Maine Company Highlight

Women’s Wool Eva Dress – Style #161- $105

Clothing for a Good Life – Est 2009

I met a representative at the Sustainable Brands conference. I was hoping to chat with him and get some insight on their brand so I could have more to write about. Unfortunately, they shoved this card in my hand gave me a few lines I could probably read on the site and sent me on my way. I asked to feel the material and it was worth the booth visit. Though I wish I had more personal insight the opportunity to feel this textile magic was enough for me to write this blurb.

That had to be the softest wool I’m ever felt in a t-shirt. 

You can use this code (SB10%) now through June 30, 2017, for %10 off 

I did get the chance to visit:

The Ramblers Way Story

For Ramblers Way, sustainability is the pathway to making premium quality clothing. Our definition of sustainability is stewarding natural and human resources. It also includes creating local jobs by breathing new life into the country’s textile industry. Fashion trends come and go – we alter our styles too – but what won’t change is our commitment to the responsible and sustainable use of the resources. Simply put, we weave sustainability into the fabric of our company.

Their Products

Rambouillet Merino wool and Pima cotton are both known for their long staple fiber, which is ideal for specific knitting and weaving applications.

The coat of a Rambouillet sheep, an American cousin to the Merino breed, grows long naturally, providing what is referred to as long-staple fibers for weaving or knitting into cloth.

Rambouillet fiber is 4” long and uniquely thin (18.5 microns) in diameter, which means we can spin it into a superfine yarn. And, since it’s also a long staple fiber, it’s surprisingly strong when spun together. So you’ve got amazing strength and luxurious softness all in one silky-feeling fabric.

Benefits of Rambouillet Merino Wool

Natural fibers transport sweat away from your skin to keep you dry.

Body-heat regulating.
Wool buffers the elements to keep you comfy in warm and cold weather.

Remarkable quality.
Our wool yarn is worsted, compacted and spun to remarkably fine diameter so it’s super fine, super strong and doesn’t itch.

Looks timeless. Buy fewer pieces. Wear them more often.


It comes from nature and doesn’t use harsh chemical softeners or finishes to provide comfort.

Long-Lasting Worsted Wool

Worsted yarn is made of long-staple fibers that have been combed twice to remove any short fibers and spun parallel to each other (vs. a woolen yarn, which is randomly entangled). This careful spinning process produces a clean, smooth and tightly knit yarn that’s free of the usual fiber ends that cause you to itch.

Our fabric is further defined by proprietary spinning techniques that remove any excess fiber to reduce potential pilling. This produces super fine, super-strong clothing that you can wear time after time.

Pima Cotton

Long staple Pima cotton was developed and propagated by the Pima Indians of the American Southwest. Ramblers Way Pima Cotton is grown in the San Joaquin Valley in California using low water and pesticide-free growing methods. Pima Cotton is commonly called ‘the cashmere of cotton’ for its softness and durability.

Turn Waste Into Wonderful – Get Zera (Product)


Zera™ Food Recycler is designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen and make the most of your food — turning today’s food scraps into tomorrow’s ready-to-use, homemade fertilizer


That waste comprises roughly 20% of space in landfills, decomposing and producing methane — a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.

With Zera™ Food Recycler, you can recycle a week’s worth of food waste within 24 hours* through a fully automated process. That means better soil for your plants, less food waste in the landfill, and a greener future.

I ran into these guys at the Sustainable Brands conference. Though I don’t believe in waste, meaning wasting your money on buying products that solve problems stylishly. I think this would be a great gift to encourage new composters. Most people aren’t interested because either they don’t know about it, or don’t want to do the work to prepare the proper set-up. Tools like this help you make the transition to support less food waste with ease. 




The Guide for Eco and Ethical Prom Ideas (The Ladies Edition)

Here’s some Fair Trade & Ethical Prom Ideas

This season look fashionable while sending a positive message about the environment. You may have questions like, “Where do I buy a prom dress?” We have some answers on some ethical solutions. I know you guys are used to seeing the same stores pop up, “Macy’s, Lulus, Davind’s Bridal, Lord and Taylor, and Windsor”, but we have a list of some other not so popular but ethical options. 

If you’re going for comfy may we suggest MARIALIA


$110.00 BUY

Description: A criss-cross lace up front and a ton of styling versatility. Style this dress up with the perfect heels. 

One Size

This is a Long prom dress. Made in the USA. Handmade with by 25-year-old Marialia. She is based in LA. She grew up in Southern Italy and Los Angeles and produced her first collection by 18, she was one of the youngest designers to ever showcase at Los Angeles Fashion week. Already costuming well known celebrities and churning out ready to wear, she hand makes her entire collection ethically in the USA.

Who said short dresses aren’t fun? You came to dance right? Give your legs some wiggle room. Alison Tunic Dress in Navy

Lenzing Tencel

$91.80 BUY

This is a Short prom dress. This figure-skimming tunic dress features shoulder ties, a v-neck and concealed pockets in the waistband. In 100% Lenzing Tencel.

  • Material: 100% Tencel ?
  • Length: Garment is 96.1cm long in size 12 (M)
  • Style Code: P576URNY

How it’s made: Made by Creative Handicrafts, a social enterprise working to empower disadvantaged women of the slum communities of Mumbai, India. Tailors at Creative Handicrafts produce a gorgeous range of cotton garments for People Tree.
Care instructions: Wash on low spin with mild detergent, Wash with similar colours, Do not soak, Line dry in shade, iron inside out on medium

A clutch purse with cool chain detail.

Handmade in Brazil made using 100% recycled rubber.

  • Material:  100% recycled rubber & flannel liner
  • Size:  11in  x 8in
  • Delivery time:  up to 20 days if not in stock and made to order

HELPSY Qualities:


$78.00 BUY

A precious handmade to order round faux leather bag will spice up any outfit. Made of soft and flexible vegan leather and fabric lining.

Includes crossbody/shoulder adjustable strap and a zipper closure.

Each bag is handmade to order. Fabrication process takes from 7 to 15 working days from the date of your order and then the item is shipped express from Mexico.

HELPSY Qualities

The Foldover Pouch 

$98 BUY


  • 7 1/2″ H (folded), 13 3/4″ H (unfolded) × 12” W
  • 100% Spanish leatherTo clean, wipe dry with a damp cloth; condition leather when needed
  • Unlined
  • Made in Ubrique, Spain See the factory

DescriptionGrab and go. This clutch is handmade in Spain with gold zips and a single central compartment, so it’s as functional as it is elegant.

Sexy A-line Sleeveless Red Detached Prom Dress Floor-length

$93.89 BUY


Silhouette A-Line
Neckline V-Neck
Sleeve Length Sleeveless
Hemline/Train Floor-Length
Built-In Bra Yes
Fully Lined Yes
Net Weight (kg) 1.50
Shipping Weight (kg) 2.00
Body Shape Misses

This is a Long prom dress

  • Made in Small Quantities
  • Non-Disposable&Well-Made
  • Handmade
  • Local Production

We pride ourselves in only using the highest quality textiles for our dress collections. Our purchasing and quality-control departments only source and use the best quality raw materials, such as delicate silk, rich satin, ethereal tulle, and soft chiffon, from a wide range of reputable fabric manufacturers and suppliers. Likewise, we only use high-quality embellishment materials: Rhinestones, beading, lace and sequins for beautiful and timeless detailing designs.


We have invested into advanced technologies to optimize the many complex tailoring processes, and all of our dresses are made by highly skilled and professional pattern makers, cutters and seamstresses who pride themselves on quality work.

Ball Gown Long Sleeves Bateau Satin Floor-Length Dresses

121.89 BUY

Silhouette Ball Gown
Neckline Bateau
Sleeve Style Long Sleeves
Waist Natural
Built-In Bra Yes
Fully Lined Yes
Fabric Satin
Embellishments Lace
Net Weight (kg) 1.50
Shipping Weight (kg) 2.00
Body Shape Apple,Hourglass,Inverted Triangle,Misses

This is a Two-piece prom dress

This is a Long prom dress

  • Made in Small Quantities
  • Non-Disposable&Well-Made
  • Handmade
  • Local Production

We pride ourselves in only using the highest quality textiles for our dress collections. Our purchasing and quality-control departments only source and use the best quality raw materials, such as delicate silk, rich satin, ethereal tulle, and soft chiffon, from a wide range of reputable fabric manufacturers and suppliers. Likewise, we only use high-quality embellishment materials: Rhinestones, beading, lace and sequins for beautiful and timeless detailing designs.


We have invested into advanced technologies to optimize the many complex tailoring processes, and all of our dresses are made by highly skilled and professional pattern makers, cutters and seamstresses who pride themselves on quality work.


$98.00 BUY

Description: Our Ravi wrap dresses creates a relaxed and sophisticated look for an evening out. Our drape dresses are made of repurposed remnant jersey. This production partnership empowers at-risk women in Phnom Penh by breaking the cycle of poverty in a zero-waste facility. This is a Long prom dress.

  • Color: Dark Grey
  • Care + Maintenance: Eco-dry or spot clean/ Store folded flat (do not hang)


HOW WAS IT MADE? : Eco-friendly apparel made with repurposed remnant jersey with our exclusive hand-screened designs
HOW DOES IT BENEFIT AT-RISK WOMEN? : It empowers at-risk women in Phnom Penh in a zero-waste facility to break the cycle of poverty and provide for their families 

Elegant Chiffon Lace A-line 2016 Prom Dress Bowknot Cap Sleeve

$147.19 BUY

Silhouette A-Line
Sleeve Length Cap Sleeve
Hemline/Train Floor-Length
Built-In Bra Yes
Fully Lined Yes
Fabric Chiffon
Embellishments Lace
Net Weight (kg) 1.50
Shipping Weight (kg) 2.00
Body Shape Misses

This is a Long prom dress

  • Made in Small Quantities
  • Non-Disposable&Well-Made
  • Handmade
  • Local Production

We pride ourselves in only using the highest quality textiles for our dress collections. Our purchasing and quality-control departments only source and use the best quality raw materials, such as delicate silk, rich satin, ethereal tulle, and soft chiffon, from a wide range of reputable fabric manufacturers and suppliers. Likewise, we only use high-quality embellishment materials: Rhinestones, beading, lace and sequins for beautiful and timeless detailing designs.


We have invested into advanced technologies to optimize the many complex tailoring processes, and all of our dresses are made by highly skilled and professional pattern makers, cutters and seamstresses who pride themselves on quality work.

Ride Sharing options 

Booking a group limo or taking an Uber pool are great options. They’re still a much better option than driving individual vehicles. 

Try out event transportation made easy with UberEVENTS

Give your guests flexible door-to-door transportation and only pay for the rides they use. No waste, easy planning, and happy guests. This especially perfect for parents trying to keep track pf large groups pf prom goers.

Purchasing rides through UberEVENTS work for weddings, conferences, dinners, private parties, and more. Thanks to the flexibility of Uber, planning is less expensive, easier on you, and your guests are happy because they can come and go as they please.

As a host UberEVENTS puts you in the driver’s seat to manage when, where, and for how much your guests can ride, and you’re only on the hook for those codes redeemed.


DIY: How to Make a Corsage

Instead of paying someone to make one for you, have fun making your own Corsage


When is your prom?

Reusable -vs- Disposable Nursing Pads

Nursing is such an intimate activity and healthy activity, but it’s more than just providing your baby with nourishment. It also involves cuddling and bonding with your baby. In my opinion, breastfeeding is equally as rewarding for the mom and baby, but others may disagree as it does come with sore nipples and leaking breast.

Nursing pads can help prevent embarrassing milk leaks from soaking through your clothes. They are available in both disposable or reusable options.

Which are the best option for you? Let’s talk about disposable nursing pads vs. reusable nursing pads.

Disposable nursing pads

Disposable nursing pads are made of a thin absorbent material that comes in different thicknesses similar to sanitary napkins. They usually come in a count of 50 to 216 when you pick up a box. They usually have sticky backs to adhere to your bra, which can impede breathability, they cause poor air circulation. When they get wet, it’s time for a new one.

Disposable nursing pads, contain absorbent chemicals that you put directly on your skin. Due to poor circulation allowance, they can lead to discomfort and trapped moisture. Breast infections thrive in moist environments because bacteria love warm and moist. If you’re leakier than normal, using disposable pads can not only become inconvenient but also expensive.

Reusable nursing pads

Reusable nursing pads are similar to disposable but healthier, and more breathable. Because they are made of natural fibers, cloth nursing pads provide better air circulation, which is necessary to aid in the sore nipple healing process. Rather than disposing of these, you simply wash and dry, even with your babies clothes. I recommend keeping them in a delicates sack, so you don’t loose them. 

Not only will you be saving the environment by reusing your pads, you will be saving your skin, and saving money. Washable nursing pads are much more economical. If you have more children in the future, you already have the nursing pads; they are designed to last.

Some women tend to wear both, as they do with baby diapers. Some prefer disposables, while out on the go, and reusables while in the house or close to home. Let’s face it if you’re a leaky mom, it can be embarrassing to be talking to friends while leaking through your shirt. Disposables can be more reliable in that sense. 

Biking towards a sustainable Life and Environment

Bike Commuter in Portland Oregon

Both of my patellas are worn in my knees. Considering my doctor first discovered this at a younger age, I was too young for surgery so he suggested I swim and cycle more. A study conducted recently found that older patients with osteoarthritis and knee pain actually improved their condition when introduced to cycling.

Keep your blood pressure low

A daily active regimen involving biking, makes a person 31-percent less likely to develop high blood pressure. 

Weight loss

Losing weight is one of the biggest benefits of cycling. DUH, your burning calories while getting around. Talk about multi-tasking.

Defend from Cancer

It goes without saying, that a regular rigorous exercise regimen, along with a healthy diet, and maintaining a healthy weight will help you fight cancer. Those with a higher fitness level as they approached middle age were at a lower risk for lung and colorectal cancer.  A cycle a day will help keep cancer away.

Better Mood

After any type of exercise or hard work, your body releases “feel good” hormones, that make you feel good about your willpower and accomplishment. Go ahead and pack yourself on the back for your efforts.

Commute Green

If you want to ride every day but are strapped for time, one of the most logical ways to fit it into your schedule is making it part of your commute. “Cycling can be easily integrated into daily life, unlike gym workouts,” Unless you have a gym in your job, or in your building, you must allocate time and typically go out of your way for the gym. Biking again is a great way to multitask getting around and working out.

Quicker Commute 

With only 2 wheels it’s a lot easier to get through lanes and take detours, therefore, avoiding traffic and rush hour.

Sustainable Life (Longevity)

Cycling helps even when you’re getting older. I believe this is the main form of physical therapy for the elderly. A study conducted in Norway followed a group of elderly men in the 70’s to 80’s, they discovered just working out 30 minutes a day extended their longevity by five years. This was compared to men who did no physical activity.

Consider buy, renting, or sharing a bike. Of course, Bike sharing can be more cost, and eco-friendly. There are many used bikes floating around looking for new owners. Seek these options first before buying a new cycle. If you don’t know anything about bikes, volunteer to fix some, and learn more. 

Check out: Recycle a Bicycle

Volunteer Night- Long Island City: Join us on Thursdays from 6:00-8:00pm in our LIC workshop for our weekly volunteer night! Lend a hand, meet others, and learn basic bike mechanics, free of charge. No previous experience necessary! All are welcome!

For more information or to schedule a volunteer event, please send an inquiry to

Sustainable Haiku Poem

Still, in the spirit from visiting Japan,  I put together a Haiku piece.

Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haiku poems consist of 3 lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. The lines rarely rhyme.

Live Sus-tain-a-ble

Col-lect mem-or-ries not things

Share Nerd-D-N-A

The Minimalist – Bathroom Toiletries

What if you only had 3 toiletries to use daily?


I ran across an interesting startup Akamai, ‘Who’s goal is to encourage people to wash less, which completely aligns with my zero-waste message.

Like many topics, getting people to understand the importance of changing their habits for the better can be difficult, most prefer to stick with their daily routine. Imagine a bare or clutter free medicine cabinet and bathroom. To the average human, limiting your toiletries to 3 products may be impossible.

This is what US-based personal care startup Akamai wants to influence us to do, it’s quite unusualto ask customers to buy less.

Akamai, which started trading earlier this year, claims to solve all of your personal care needs with 3 products: A soap/face/hair bar, toothpaste; and a hair and body oil spray for fragrance and moisturizing. Akamai encourages customers to wash less often.

I agree with Co-founder Vincent Cobb, this isn’t his first run with a conscious concept. He’s known for an online store selling reusable products and says, the concept is a reaction against an industry set up to drive over-consumption; which isn’t sustainable.

“Typical personal care product companies want you to consume more of their products, so they say, wash your hair and body every day,” says Cobb. “We have been led into this false sense of what is required to have healthy skin, teeth, and hair.”

In agreeing with Cobb, this should be the opposite for several reasons including the use of fluoride in tap water for many nations. Subjecting your skin, teeth, and hair to such a harsh chemical daily is harmful. Please read more about, “The effects of fluoride in your tap water.

The UK beauty and personal care industry is worth £17bn, according to research company Mintel. Besides the luxury end of the market, most beauty products fall into the “fast moving consumer goods” category, which means,  retailers and manufacturers, rely on selling high quantities.

The rise of e-commerce, selfie nation, and beauty/fashion blogging have also boosted the steady growth and development of product lines, empowering an industry surge even during periods when the economy is unpredictable, according to market research firms. Let’s face it some people seem to care more about how they look, then if their bills are paid.

Convincing people that less is more when it comes to beauty and personal care is no easy task, says Ashenburg. “That sense of insecurity, especially among women, that I might not be smelling perfect is embedded in our culture – and advertising makes enormous use of that insecurity.”

Industrial growth comes at an environmental cost. More beauty products mean more chemicals and water used in manufacturing and more plastic packaging. Since the containers used are often hard to wash out, or to recycle, much of it ends up in a landfill, says Dustin Benton, acting policy director at environmental charity Green Alliance.

Akamai isn’t the first company to tackle problems with . Clothing company Patagonia, for example, famously ran a Don’t buy this jacket ad in 2011, and encourages customers to repair garments rather than throw them away.

Such companies face the question of whether calling for reduced consumption while actively marketing their products is really a viable fix for consumerism. Patagonia’s sales, for example, went up following its campaign.

Hopefully, Akamai is successful in using their products to change consumption habits for the better, I think they’ve started off with the perfect items. People will always need and seek products to clean their skin, teeth, and hair, but can be encouraged to buy less of these items. 

Caring for Pets Sustainably

Pets are an expensive responsibility, As a pet owner, you are responsible for their overall wellbeing. Why not solidify this by making sure your pet’s diet and the environment is as healthy as possible? Pets don’t create as much of an environmental challenge as humans. So, it makes more sense to address our own shortcomings first. However, if you really want to make your pet’s life more sustainable, start with food.

Vets generally agree that wet food is healthier for pets. If your budget can handle you might consider buying dehydrated food, which has a lower carbon footprint when shipped. It’s rehydrated by adding water at home. And if you’re really into getting high quality and eco-friendly food for your pet, you can make your own. Unfortunately, it’s time-consuming and expensive.

My favorite place to find a balanced blend of sustainable and healthy food is healthy local pet store chains. The employees are always helpful, and there’s a good selection of brands at a variety of price points. This type of store carries supplies for all common household pets, including birds and small rodents.

Here are some Organic Dry Food Options

Organix Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food, 5.25-Pound

About the product (Pricey)

  • Real Organic Chicken as the #1 ingredient
  • Organic Quinoa- a nutrient-rich heritage grain that provides a gluten-free source of dietary fiber
  • Organic Flaxseed- rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids that contribute to healthy skin and coat
  • Certified by Oregon Tilth
  • Made in the USA with no ingredients from China

Buckley Liberty Freeze Dried Dog Food, Beef, 10 oz

About the product (Pricey)
  • USE AS A FOOD, TOPPER OR TREAT – Liberty Freeze-Dried can be fed to your pet as it is, or with water to rehydrate a tasty meal for your pup.
  • MADE IN THE USA – All of our ingredients are 100% sourced and made in the USA. We don’t use any wheat, corn, soy or other types of fillers.
  • GRAIN FREE – Liberty Freeze-Dried doesn’t have any grains or fillers; only pure raw nutrition from the whole animal with some added nutrition from fresh vegetables and healthy fats.

Puppy Snacks

This company 4Legz by far is my favorite. These sensational snacks are made from certified organic sweet potato puree, certified by the USDA and grown and harvested in the Pacific Northwest. They are packed with vitamins and fiber, these tasty cookies are great for dogs with food sensitivities, and they don’t contain any corn, wheat, salt, or artificial preservatives.

This company also gives back to the community by offering disabled individuals gainful employment opportunities. Price: $8.99

Non-GMO dog cookies made with 100% organic pumpkin puree with all natural and organic human grade ingredients.

We are proud to be one of the first and leading Non-GMO Project Verified choices for your dog.

Freshly baked natural treats made in the USA out of the highest quality wholesome ingredients.

No salt, wheat, corn, animal byproducts, chemicals or artificial preservatives and 7-ounce resealable package.                    🙂

If you’ve ever cared for a kitten, you know a balled up piece of newspaper can be just as engrossing as a fancy, ten dollar toy. Cats love boxes. Anything lying around the house. My kitten chases bouncy balls and a laser pointer, and anything tied to a swinging string.

Your cat might chatter at the birds and squirrels outside but keep them indoors. Not only will the pet avoid being hit by cars, getting into fights with other cats, and a variety of nasty diseases, you’ll keep the predatory instincts in check. Cats are reportedly responsible for billions of small mammal and bird deaths each year.

Dogs, similarly, can be entertained without spending much money. Plenty of parks allow canine companions, and there are several hiking trails in the area that do as well. There are also quite a few companies making more sustainable versions of dog toys, in case you want to pick up something more durable for your pet to chew.

Some smaller pets, like hamsters, enjoy playing in an old paper towel or toilet paper tubes. 

The stinky part, and the least exciting part of owning a pet. For cleaning up after a dog, some stores and online outlets sell biodegradable doggy bags. In theory, the whole thing degrades in the landfill. Since most landfills are too tightly packed to allow for much biodegradation, I’m a fan of using plastic newspaper bags, tortilla packaging, or anything else that might end up in the trash.

Cat waste is a more serious problem. About 2 million pounds of litter head to landfills each year. Clay litter (the most popular kind) is strip-mined, but it lasts longer and contains smells better than many other options. One alternative is pine pellets, but many cats don’t appreciate the change in texture. Some people toilet train their cats, but mine prefers to use the toilet to drink.

My cat loves Feline Pine Original Litter

Feline Pine Original Litter, 20 Lbs

Any animal could, in theory, have its waste composted – but not any compost, you’ll put on edible plants. Plus, there’s the smell to contend with. Small animals that live in wood shavings, like hamsters, produce less waste and therefore less smell. If you’re comfortable composting, go for it! (But keep it very, very separate from anything going near your food).

Biodegradable Poop Bags 

Finally, and most importantly, Spay and neuter your animals. Puppies, kittens, and other baby pets are cute, but there are already too many animals without homes. If we can we should try our best to control the cat and dog population. Go to your local pet store and talk to some experts. When it comes to toys, reuse, reuse, reuse. And, well, waste is difficult. Composting is probably the best option, but it comes with many challenges.